Perforated Vinyl

Exterior use. Terrific for storefront windows! Features a 65/35 perforation vinyl pattern, meaning 65% of the film is retained and 35% is removed. The meshy pattern offers enough print surface area for enhanced image resolution and color reproduction while retaining the film's one way visibility. The media backing peels off to expose an adhesive back that should be applied to a smooth, clean and clear surface for optimum results.

Viewing from behind, the clear surface (e.g. window) will appear tinted but will not lose visibility. From the outside, the image appears solid with a subtle opacity. This is the product that is everywhere on retail storefronts in NYC! The Duratran Company offers installation nation wide and includes instructional tool kits with every order.

NOTE: If there is a larger amount of light behind the Invisa-view (Perforated Vinyl) than in front of it, the image will appear more transparent and diluted. We recommend placing lights directly on the media from the outside at night to retain image visibility.

Key features:

  • Adhesive backing ideal for glass windows

  • Perforated vinyl offers see-through qualities

  • UV protected and weather resistant

  • Clear image resolution from the front, see-through from behind
  • Signage Zones:

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